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eMBDS: The first online fully-accredited Master Degree in Computer Science in Europe based on MOOCs.

You can get a fully-accredited European Master Degree in Computer Science based upon MOOC with Oracle University as a key professional partner.


Two learning platforms are involved for eMBDS  :

–      FUN for 7 academic eMBDS MOOCs : Big Data management (from Data bases to big Data), Web Programming, NFC programming, Data Mining, Hadoop and Blockchain, Mobile programming, Agile management with Scrum

–      Oracle University for 6 Oracle courses (among 15) from a special eMBDS subscription


Global eMBDS master cost is 6 000 € (including university fees which are less than 500 € for EC students and might vary in 2019-2020 for non-EC students or employees)


You can enroll and  transfer know-how for any course (for example an Oracle certification) to get a waiver/credit for some eMBDS courses


Any academic course from eMBDS could be certified by ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) like the complete master eMBDS.


You can apply on!offreFormationView